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>Press Accreditations

It is possible to request Press Accreditation to attend the performances of the Reflections of the Garda Festival by the day before the event. Accreditation is granted by the Festival Press Office upon availability and verification of credentials; therefore, sending the request does not constitute or guarantee accreditation or entry to the events. Therefore, please wait for the outcome of the request in which the modalities of withdrawal will also be specified.

The application for accreditation must be submitted via e-mail and must contain the following data:

Show title and date, Last Name, First Name, Telephone, Journalist Association ID No., Publication and brief description of the journalistic contribution to be made.

The Press Accreditation, which is personal and non-transferable, is reserved exclusively for professional or publicist journalists, bloggers and industry press offices. Any accompanying persons are not recipients of accreditation.


Please note that no photo or audiovisual shooting accreditation is granted.

Photographs and short video selections of performances for strictly journalistic use are available for press from the day immediately following the performance, upon request to the Press Office, which will send the material.

Any photo shoots and audio-visual recordings may be requested from the Press Office on the occasion of interviews with Festival artists and will be made only in the manner agreed upon with the Festival Press Office.

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