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The Riflessi del Garda Festival can be accessed by booking.
In order to book, a minimum donation of no less than 10€ per show is required, which can be made by card or cash at the venue.

ADMISSION by donation with a minimum of 10€

The sector is unique and the seats are not numbered. Participants are kindly requested to arrive at the performance venue early in order to facilitate the entrance and avoid creating crowds and delays to the shows.

The info poinf will be open for admissions and press accreditation collection from 19:00 on the day of the event.


ADMISSION by donation with a minimum of € 85

Donation by bank transfer

Header: Fondo Niccolò Piccinni Organizzazione di Volontariato

Reason for payment: Liberal donation (first name, last name)

IBAN: IT67J0831559370000000009616 (BCC VALPOLICELLA BENACO)


In the event of a donation of less than the above-mentioned amounts, it will not be possible to guarantee the booking in any way.

In case of bad weather, shows on 30/06, 1/07 and 2/07 will be held at the Teatro DIM, via San Martino 4 in Castelnuovo del Garda.

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